It has become increasingly rare in recent years for an NBA player to spend his entire career with one team. Guys like Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki, and Tim Duncan have become the exception rather than the rule. The combination of free agency and constant salary cap maneuvering has made it commonplace for even the best players to frequently change addresses.

There are some players, however, who take this idea of constantly changing teams to a whole new level. Sometimes it’s because of their personality, sometimes their on-court skills, and sometimes their contract, but for whatever reason these guys constantly find themselves in new cities and with new organizations. And we’re not just talking two or three teams, either; some of these guys are suiting up for as many as 12 different franchises during their careers.

Today happens to be the birthday of Larry Hughes, a modern day pioneer in this arena. Hughes played for eight different teams in his 13-year NBA career, a pretty remarkable number considering that he also was (for the most part) a strong performer on the floor. In his honor, we’ve decided to take a look at 20 Good NBA Players Who Played for Way Too Many NBA Franchises.