While taxiing in a Boeing Dreamliner for a Norwegian Airlines flight, a passenger named Ann Kristen Balto was looking out her window and noticed something strange. The wing of the plane was leaking massive amounts of fuel onto the ground...we're pretty sure that's not supposed to happen. Balto alerted the flight attendant and the flight was immediately canceled. Norwegian's press spokesperson said that the pilot would have noticed the leak from the gauges in the cockpit, but that's not very reassuring.

These planes have been having some major issues lately, from engine problems to battery issues. Boeing says that they are working to fix the issues, but the track record is a little disconcerting. Gizmodo points out that this issue could have been caused by a forgetful technician, but for now we'll just assume that the planes are crappy. We hate to think what could have happened if the plane had taken off.

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[via Gizmodo]