Every year, millions of people play Fantasy Football, and yes, sometimes, they try to win because there's money involved. Other times, it's just pride. And other times, it's simply the pride of not having been the complete loser of the league. 

And then there are those leagues which dole out punishments for finishing dead last. More often than not, after most people are out of the running for their fantasy championship, they're done with Fantasy Football for the year. What better way to keep people involved all season than handing out a humiliating punishment for the biggest losers?

Well, the greatest idea/worst punishment one could possibly undergo is here. In today's Wall Street Journal, sports writer Ben Cohen covered one league whose biggest loser must relive one of the most stressful (and for most people, humiliating) experiences of their teenage years:

The SAT.

Via the Journal:

The penance in Mr. Bean's league of eight friends, including engineers and attorneys, isn't as permanent as a tattoo or as gross as being pelted with tomatoes, which are some other popular last-place penalties. But it is mortifying. The owner of the worst team temporarily relives high school by having to take the SAT college-entrance exam. Afterward, to make matters worse, he is required to share his score with the league. The punishment is cruel, unusual and completely legal. Non-high-school students are permitted to sit for the SAT so long as they register in advance, present a government-issued ID at the test site and pay $51, a College Board spokeswoman said. The organization's name for these people is "adult test-takers."

At least you can hide a tattoo, kind of (or worst case scenario, get it lasered off) and tomatoes wash off. The shame of a mediocre SAT score is permanent, and will always be on file somewhere. Also, you will have to face the fact that you probably know less than you did in high school, or have a more-deteriorated brain than you did when you first took the SAT. The loser in the Journal's story had further humiliation for himself, though. Read it to see the ultimate in brilliant fantasy suffering.

Unless, of course, you've seen worse. In which case: We'd love to hear about it.