Here's something you don't see, well, ever: A Cowboys player showing love to an Eagles fan!

The photo that you see above features Dez Bryant hanging out at the Pro Bowl draft in Hawaii yesterday. And if you look really closely, you'll notice something pretty interesting around his neck. Yup, that's right. The Cowboys star receiver wore a Dreamchasers chain that he received from Meek Mill recently to the Pro Bowl festivities.

So what's the story behind the chain? Well, Bryant has been a big supporter of Meek Mill's music in the past:

So late last week, Meek sent the Pro Bowl player his very own Dreamchasers chain, just like the one that he wears. And Bryant thanked him for it on Twitter:

It took him a few days, but Meek finally got around to responding to Bryant's tweet (possibly after seeing Bryant wearing it in Hawaii yesterday?) with a tweet of his own last night:

Quite a few people out there who watched the Pro Bowl draft also noticed Bryant wearing it:

And he even seems to have gained a new fan or two by wearing it:

Pretty cool, huh? It doesn't sound like the relationship between Bryant and Meek is anything beyond just a friendship and a mutual respect at this point. But stay tuned. There could presumably be something else in the works when it comes to this Cowboys player and Eagles fan.

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[via @DezBryant]