For once we've found a car on Craigslist that isn't newsworthy for its absurdity. A user in Phoenix is selling the 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse from The Fast and the Furious. "Oh, is that the one Paul Walker drove?" Yes, yes it is. 

While we can't verify the authenticity of the Eclipse, the seller claims to have all the paperwork. The seller also says, "I know what I have," so don't come in with a weak offer. The Eclipse's modifications include a nonfunctional roof scoop, RoboCar Aero Armor Eclips body kit, ARP GT2 wing, 1997-spec Eclipse headlights, and Se7en 180 Axis Sport Tuning rims.

The user is also selling a Mazda RX-7 used to promote the film. While it doesn't carry the same star power as a car actually used in the movie, it's still a sweet tuner. 

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[via Craigslist