When the Patriots beat the Colts last weekend and the Broncos beat the Chargers, we thought, "HOORAY! Now we're finally going to get to find out what Bill Belichick and Tom Brady think about marijuana legalization in the state of Colorado!" Okay, okay, so maybe that wasn't our first thought. Initially, we were just happy to see that Brady and Peyton Manning would be squaring off in yet another AFC Championship Game.

But as the week wore on and the Brady/Manning storyline got stale (er, okay, so that actually happened, like, Monday morning, amirite?), we started thinking about some of the other things that we wanted to hear Belichick and Brady talk about. One of those things? Weed! After all, now that recreational weed use is legal in the state of Colorado, surely someone would ask them about it, right? But the week dragged on and on and on and no one bothered to ask them about it. And by today, we pretty much gave up all hope. But finally—fiiiiiiinally!—someone got around to doing it. SOMEONE ASKED BILL BELICHICK ABOUT WEED! A reporter asked if he'd spoken to his players about it yet today and, well, this was his answer.

"I think we know what the NFL policy is on that," he said.

Lame answer? Yeah. But still, we just got to use "Bill Belichick" and "weed" in the same sentence as a result of it.

Someone asked Brady about it as well. And while his answer was only slightly more exciting than Belichick's answer, it was still kind of funny to see him forced to talk about whether or not weed would be a temptation for some Patriots players.

"Hopefully not," he said. "This is a very important game for us and it's a business trip."

Wow. "It's a business trip." Tom Brady actually had to say those words in reference to the possibility of Pats players smoking weed before their game against the Broncos. How bizarre is that?

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[via Pro Football Talk]