Iman Shumpert had the best game of his career in the Knicks' road win against the Spurs this week. The starter had 27 points and was especially clutch in the closing seconds when he hit a three-pointer and scored on a tip-in in the 105-101 win. It was a breakout game (for Marco Belinelli as well, who scored 32 points) but many expected him to have a breakout season. While 2013-14 Shumpert has been a disappointment with plenty of time to improve, there's plenty of other stars waiting in line to have a season's worth of break out moments in the next 11 months. That's not including Jameis Winston and Johnny Manziel, who both have bright futures, but already got a fair amount of shine thanks to a Heisman Trophy and a Drake co-sign.

There's plenty to look out for this year, including the next slugging sensation out of Cuba, a sometimes running back in the Jets, and two college basketball players you may have heard of. Check out who will be the Athletes Who Will Break Out in 2014.

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