Arian Foster hasn't been doing so hot these past couple of months between ending his season early with a back injury, being accused of trying to force his alleged baby's mother to have an abortion, and losing his cool whenTMZ reporters asked him about it. Now his brother Abdul is stepping in.

Brittany Norwood is suing both Arian and Abdul for allegedly forcing her to get a child, but Abdul gave TMZ a text conversation that implies otherwise. The image (that's in the thumbnail above) shows Norwood praising Foster for being a good person:

Abdul, honestly I respect your opinion and I know how good of a person you are and all the people you're trying to protect and that's so genuine and admirable.I'm really trying to think about everything, it's just a horrible situation and it's very hard. But I do love your brother so much I can't express to anyone how I feel about him and how happy he makes me.

The text came after Abdul apologized for how "passionate" he was during a dinner meet-up. He told TMZ these texts and dinner were the only contact the two had. Still, the Internet waits for Arian's response.

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[via TMZ]