A short while ago, 60 Minutes aired a segment where correspondent Scott Pelley spoke with Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch, who revealed plenty about his "relationship" with Alex Rodriguez. According to Bosch, just five days before Rodriguez hit his 600th home run on Aug. 4, 2010, Bosch was "summoned to a Florida hotel" by the slugger, who asked Bosch, "what did Manny Ramirez take in 2008 and 2009?" 

Bosch believes that Rodriguez's main goal for doping was to become the only guy to hit 800 home runs. It seemed as though hitting that goal became a fascination with A-Rod, who would do anything to make that happen. So, for $12,000 per month in cash, Bosch gave Rodriguez a comprehensive breakdown of what he needed to take, when he needed to take it and so on. The drugs Rodriguez took included "Testosterone, insulin growth factor one, human growth hormone, and some different forms of peptides." All of which are banned.

In order to make sure Rodriguez would never get caught during the testing process, Bosch and his team would test the slugger after certain time intervals to see if the drug could be detected. On one occasion, Bosch had to actually test Rodriguez in the bathroom of a Miami club. All in all, it was process that Bosch did because he had a responsibility to do it, to show that if you're going to take something like this, do it the right way and of course, not get caught. Shockingly, after everything that has gone on, Bosch says that if a disgruntled former client didn't leak the files, then he would've still been doing it. 

Eventually, things got out of hand for Bosch when the Biogenesis scandal came to the forefront. At the advice of one of his lawyers, Bosch sought safety from the MLB for his cooperation. Especially since, according to a representative of the MLB, Rob Manfred, "The individual that was of greatest concern to Mr. Bosch {and his safety] was a known associate of Mr. Rodriguez." As we all know now, Rodriguez's efforts resulted in a shorter suspension, but it still wasn't to the liking of A-Rod. 

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