Earlier this month, someone broke into Kristina Bissonette's car in Vancouver, Wash. and stole a bunch of her stuff. A laptop, a purse, a passport, and a toy soldier that was given to Bissonette by her young son were the main items that were taken from the vehicle. And Bissonette really, really wants them back.

Obviously, it may be difficult for her to get them back, though. Police are having trouble tracking down whoever broke into Bissonette's car. And even if they do find the car thief, there's a good chance that Bissonette's stolen items are long gone. So out of desperation, Bissonette just threw up a Hail Mary in a last-ditch effort to get her stuff back. She plastered her neighborhood with this letter in the hopes of guilting the car thief into giving her all of her things back:

So far, Bissonette hasn't had any luck. But she's hoping that, if the car thief reads her letter, he or she will feel compelled to return the things that were stolen from her car, specifically the toy soldier which has a lot of sentimental value to her.

"A toy soldier my youngest son gave me to keep in my purse to keep me safe," she said. "I've had it for 10 years."

It's a long shot, but we hope that her letter pays off. It sounds like she deserves a break right now.

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[via New York Daily News]