One team is 9-19 and played a game without Carmelo Anthony against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Guess how that game turned out. One team is 9-19 and had pretty much the same result. One SUNY team followed the trend by getting blown out by another SUNY team that didn't. They're all off to rough starts early in this basketball season. But only one can be The Worst Basketball Team in New York Today.


Russell Westbrook proved he was a pretty cool guy by providing the Internet with a sub-six second representation of what the Thunder did to the Knicks. In the back of his mind, he was probably thinking people already knew how this game was going to turn out. Plus, it's Christmas. Who's going to watch a blowout waiting to happen and who's going to be watching this triple-double he put up? While the above GIF doesn't quite capture Westbrook's statline, it is an accurate synopsis of the 123-94 beatdown of the Knicks (the scoreboard at the bottom should clue you in, too). And if you want an accurate depiction of the Knicks' season-long struggle, there's this.


The NBA was smart for putting the Nets and Bulls game first on the Christmas Day schedule. Why put a game people are dying to see during a time when people are enjoying their gifts, probably with some Christmas Cartoons or the Yule Log. Some probably even anticipated the Yule Log more than this game, and you can't even be mad at them. Props to you if you made it past halfway through the second quarter to see the Nets lose 95-78. Let's let Jason Kidd describe how the game went for Brooklyn : "Chicago's not a team that scores a lot of points and in that third quarter they scored 36." 


Buffalo had a rough result in its last game against Manhattan at Barclays. They basically pulled an Iman Shumpert and lost 84-81 in overtime. Unfortunately for Binghamton, the Bulls decided to take their anger out on it with an 87-57 blowout. Kudos goes to Buffalo for bouncing back, but 16 turnovers (Buffalo had seven) is not a good look for Binghamton. Neither is that 2-9 record.


The Nets. The Knicks are barely competent with Anthony out. Hell, they were barely competent with Anthony. But honestly, a lot of teams in the NBA and a majority of the teams in the Eastern Conference will have a hard time beating the Thunder even at full strength. Nets lost to a Derrick Rose-less Bulls and may also be coming apart. There's reports of Kidd calling out his team in the locker room after the game and Kevin Garnett venting his frustrations stemming from Brooklyn's losing ways. Well at least they face the Bucks next.