Randy Moss is nearly a year removed from the rigors that come with playing in the NFL, but that doesn't mean that the 36-year-old wide receiver couldn't put up some solid numbers, if he had to lace up the cleats one last time. In a conversation with his current employer, FOX Sports, Moss said the following:

 “If I had to go out here and feed my family by getting back on that football field, I could still put up 15 or 16 touchdowns. I can still play the game. I don't know what a lot of people (saw) last year, but I know what it looked like. It looked like I was old and that they were trying to keep me fresh and things like that, but I can still play the game of football."

Clearly, time away from the game hasn't hurt Moss' ability to talk a good game. Because, let's be real here, Moss won't reach that 15-touchdown mark if he were to come back. In his career, Randy cracked 15 or more TDs four times. Three of those came before Moss turned 28 while the last time was in that ridiculously offensively productive 2007 season where Tom Brady passes for 50 touchdowns and Moss caught 23 of them.    

So, yeah, it isn't happening, Moss. Maybe a thin receiving corps team, like the New York Jets, would entertain such an offer. However, our money is on Gang Green saying "thanks but no thanks." 

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[via NFL]