Year: 1969
Team: Los Angeles Lakers

It's hard to imagine anyone thinking that they're more likely to win an NBA title with Wilt Chamberlain off the floor, but that's exactly the move Lakers coach Butch van Breda Kolff pulled in the fourth quarter of Game 7 of the 1969 NBA Finals against the Celtics. Wilt had hurt his knee with five minutes to go, but with only two minutes remaining on the clock decided he was ready to go back in. Because the Lakers had cut the Celtics' lead to one, van Breda Kolff told Wilt "we're doing well enough without you" and kept him on the bench as the Celtics held on for the upset win. As a result, van Breda Kolff was run out of town, and in his autobiography a few years later Chamberlain would call him "the worst coach I've ever had."