On Monday, the Seahawks' Michael Bennett recovered a fumble and returned it 22 yards for the touchdown against the New Orleans Saintscausing a 1 or 2 magnitude earthquake. Even after such a rare feat, Bennett still couldn't get a spur of the moment restaurant reservation "at an exclusive unnamed eatery" in Seattle...but teammate Russell Wilson would've been able to get one. Wait until you hear how the 'Hawks defensive end came to this realization.

On Tuesday, Bennett attempted to book a reservation over the phone to the unnamed eatery when he was turned away because they were "all booked up." A few minutes later, Bennett called back and said, "Hey, this is Russell Wilson. I'll be attending your restaurant today. Do you have any tables?" And what do you know, "she was like, 'Yes! We can make a table for you! You were 22-for-30 the other night, 130 quarterback rating!' She knew every stat." 

When Bennett showed up with his wife and kids later that day, he approached the woman on the phone, saying, "Oh, thank you. I'm Russell Wilson.' She was like, 'Good joke.' I said, 'Gotcha.'" Even after all that, Bennett and his family were given the Wilson treatment. "She took me to the table and they had it roped off," Bennett said. "They had sparkling water and everything."

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[via ESPN]