All the way back in 2009, LeBron James revealed that he was getting ready to star in a new movie called Fantasy Basketball Camp. In the movie, LeBron was going to play the role of "LeBron James" (we know, what a stretch!) and make his feature film debut. But like most movies, Fantasy Basketball Camp got stuck in development, and LeBron's aspirations of being a leading man in Hollywood got put on hold.

It sounds like the wait is finally over for LeBron, though. Even though it's been about five years since the Fantasy Basketball Camp idea was first kicked around, Deadline is reporting that Kevin Hart just stepped up to help make the film happen. The movie is now going to be called Ballers (of course it is!) and the premise is slightly different. Rather than just starring James, it will now feature Hart playing the role of James' little brother who has to deal with living in the shadow of his famous sibling. Hart is co-writing the script for Ballers right now, and the film will reportedly start shooting next summer once the 2013-14 NBA season ends.

James and Hart have been friends for awhile now, so there's a chance that this movie could actually be really funny. But there's also a chance that it ends up being as cliche and trite as it sounds. Stay tuned for more details.

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