Derrick Rose is out for the season. Or is he?

Although the Bulls have already come out and said that their starting point guard will not return to the basketball court this season, D-Rose just spoke with reporters of the first time since undergoing season-ending knee surgery last week and revealed that his season might not be over. Although he didn't say that he's working towards making a comeback this season, he did mention that, if his knee heals quickly enough, he might be able to make it back to the Bulls in time for the 2014 NBA Playoffs.

"If I'm healthy enough and the situation is right, I'm going to be back playing," he said. "If I'm healthy and my meniscus is fully healed, of course I'll be out there playing. But if it's something totally different and the outcome is not how I would want it to be, there's no need."

Rose needs to be careful here. Lots of Bulls fans were devastated when he was ruled out for the season. But they've come to terms with it and accepted that Rose needs to let his knee heal fully. so by him saying that there's even a one percent chance of him returning for the playoffs, he's giving a whole lot of people out there hope that he'll be able to do it. And if he doesn't? Well, we all remember what happened at the end of last year when he got killed in the media for not playing towards the end of the season, despite the fact that he was cleared to play.

It's one thing for him to be positive right now, but it's another for him to give Bulls' fans false hope. And we're afraid he just opened himself up to a season's worth of "Are you almost ready to come back?" questions by saying what he said today.

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[via ESPN Chicago]