Cars get stolen every single day. And the car thieves who steal them offer up all kinds of lame excuses as to why they steal cars. But a Redding, Calif. man came up with the worst excuse ever late last week when police found him in possession of a stolen 1989 Ford Ranger.

Last Thursday, Michael Heller was pulled over in Redding shortly after he stole the pickup truck from a man who was working on it outside of his house. The police officer who pulled the 21-year-old over placed him under arrest and later charged him with vehicle theft and possession of a stolen vehicle. But Heller told the officer that he had a good reason for taking the truck. It seems he was running late for a court hearing pertaining to another situation that he was involved in where he was also accused of a stealing a vehicle. So rather than be late, he chose to steal another vehicle to make it to court on time.

Now, rather than just—oh, we don't know—finding a ride or catching the bus to court, Heller is being charged with stealing another vehicle. And after all that, he didn't make it to court on time for his other case, which is going to result in more trouble for him. How did he possibly think any of this was a good idea?!

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[via New York Daily News]