We understand why so many states have banned texting while driving. Sending off a bunch of texts while you're behind the wheel of a car can be super dangerous. We also understand why so many states have banned talking on the phone while driving. It can also be super dangerous. But why is one state trying to ban eating—yes, eating!—while driving? There's something very un-American about banning people from hitting the drive-thru window and scarfing down a couple of double cheeseburgers while they weave through traffic.

Yet, that's exactly what the state of New Jersey is attempting to do right now. NJ assemblyman John S. Wisniewski proposed a bill recently that will ban drivers from taking part in any and all distracting activities. Those activities include using your cell phone, putting on your make-up, and—you guessed it—eating while you drive. And the penalty for snacking in the car would be harsh as first-time offenders would be subjected to a ticket that would cost them up to $400.

We don't disagree with the idea of banning drivers from doing distracting things in the car. But if you ban "eating" as a whole, it will create a grey area that could anger a lot of drivers. For instance, is it just as bad to eat, say, a Tastykake as you drive through New Jersey as it is to eat an entire value meal from Mickey D's? Does throwing back a can of Coke constitute as "eating"? And is chewing gum going to be a fineable offense? Before we throw any support behind this bill, WE NEED ANSWERS! Until then...nom, nom, nom!

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[via First We Feast]