Despite what the New York Yankees might have you think, it hasn't always been easy to be a New York sports fan. The Bronx Bombers have pulled in more than a few handfuls of titles over the years, but do you know when's the last time the Knicks won an NBA championship? 1973. 40 years later, it's not looking like a title will be joining that trophy in Madison Square Garden any time soon. Though the season is still young, the Knicks have already managed to distinguish themselves as one of the league's worst, prompting Carmelo Anthony to call his own team, "the laughingstock of the league right now." That usually isn't what you want to hear the face of your franchise saying about your squad, right? 

Unfortunately for Brooklyn Nets faithful, they aren't even able to take advantage of the Knicks' bad luck either. After a busy offseason that brought in Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Jason Terry and Jason Kidd, the only thing on the hardwood that Brooklyn fans have been able to get excited about this season is a puddle of soda. The Nets stand at 5-13 right now, two wins better than their Manhattan counterparts.

So things aren't great in the Big Apple right now. That's clear enough to everyone. But is this really the worst it has ever been, or is this just how things always are when it comes to New York basketball? For a little history lesson, check out The Rotten Apple: The Biggest Fails in NYC Pro Basketball History. Do you think either team can break out of their slumps and rally for the playoffs this season? Tune in tonight when the two teams square off at the Barclays Center, and let us know your thoughts.

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