With the increasing number of concussion-related catastrophes in the NFL, and the uproar from the general public that has accompanied these tragedies, one crucial factor has worked against anyone who is trying to see a serious change come about with these problems: Fans of the NFL are still watching the game. As much as it sucks to miss out on your team's upcoming Sunday showdown, you have to know that by continuing to watch the NFL, you're only continuing to support the voluntary ignorance that the league acts with in regards to their treatment of former football players.

So long as Roger Goodell and the owners can still reap in the riches from the ticket-holding, TV-watching masses, they can care less about what happens to some old NFL vets. Unless we find a way to make them listen to the plight of those affected by this problem, then it isn't likely that very much will change for the better in the future.