It took nearly eight months ago, or 239 days, to be exact, but Kobe Bryant is back! Since going down with a torn left Achilles tendon in April, Kobe has gone through the highs and lows of rehabilitation, from expressing his concern over not being the same player when he returns to tracking his progress through social media as he continuously made positive strides towards an eventual comeback.

All those moments led to Friday's Facebook post from the Black Mamba, announcing his return tonight against the Toronto Raptors. The two-minute clip showed a Lakers No. 24 jersey representing Bryant as it weathered the storm and nearly split in half before returning in one piece.  

In Kobe's absence, a lot has happened in the world of sports. Derrick Rose made his comeback and landed back on the disabled list, Floyd Matweather set a new all-time purse record for a fight and broke it again a couple months later, and more. Here's 15 Things That Happened in the Sports World Before Kobe Bryant Returned.  

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