Remember the days when Coke commercials would make fun of that other "cola?" When the world of advertising still had restrictions of directly attacking competitors? Yeah, the way things are going these days, it's hard to believe that world ever existed, shouts to Kendrick. 

In what look like a set of commercials gearing for the Super Bowl in February (so sad the season is almost already over), Audi aims its sights right at Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Lexus (maybe they saw how Jaguar plays and decided to leave them out of this fight) in promotion of its new technically-priced-less-than-30K A3. The videos are titled "Luxury Car Abstinence," "Shame," "Buyer’s Remorse," and "Lessons" and attempt convince buyers that it's better to wait for an Audi than settle for one of the "other guys." Hopefully the other companies see this come back blazin'. There's nothing like a little friendly competition. 



[via Cars UK