Amir Khan is ready to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. In fact, he's so ready to do it that he claims that he already signed a contract to take part in a fight with Mayweather Jr. He attended the opening of a boxing gym in Dubai yesterday and told Yahoo! Sports that, as of right now, he's just waiting for Money May to sign his name on the dotted line to make the fight happen.

"At the end of the day, I'm the one who's signed the contract," he said. "I've already signed my part of the contract. Floyd hasn't signed the contract. If he wants the fight, then come on and get it. I'll fight Floyd anytime. I've said it so many times, styles make fights. If he wants to fight a slow-handed, slow-footed guy like [Marcos] Maidana, then he's more than welcome."

Khan also alluded to the fact that he thinks Mayweather Jr. is scared to face someone like him.

"Floyd has never fought the best guys in the era," he said. "He hasn't faced the guys who are in their prime."

So, Money May, who's it gonna be? Khan? Maidana? Manny Pacquiao? Let us know! PLEASE!

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[via Yahoo! Sports]