What's the Worst Basketball Team in New York Today?

What's the Worst Basketball Team in New York Today?

One team is 4-9 at the bottom of Eastern Conference. One team is 4-9 at the bottom of the Eastern Conference, old, and walking with caved-in bottoms after having it kicked in. And one team got blown out by a teammate named the Gryphons, because the letter "F" wasn't all the rage during its founding year apparently. They're all off to rough starts early in this basketball season. But only one can be The Worst Basketball Team in New York Today.


When you really think about it, the Knicks are really not that far away from remarkably bad 2000's. Just a poor shooting J.R. Smith and a lack of a Tyson Chandler—among other things—to be precise. A few days after the Pacers crushed their hearts, Raymond Felton's fingers became the most hated in New York, and A$AP Rocky defected (was he ever really a Knicks fan?), the Knicks tried to pick up the pieces to face the 4-8 Wizards. Simple confidence booster right? That would be a yes if you were a team in the West. Only four Eastern Conference teams are above .500 and the Knicks sure as hell aren't one of them. They lost to the Wizards to drop their fifth straight.


Where Brooklyn at? It's not anywhere in the vicinity of a map. It's extremely lost, and the Wolves came to feed. Without Jason Terry, Andrei Kirilenko, Brook Lopez, or Deron Williams, the Nets looked helpless against Minnesota. This resulted in another Nets blowout as they lost 111-81. Plus, if you look at Jason Kidd's lost expression and Kevin Garnett's expression on the sidelines, you start to think the team may have already lost its drive early in the season, and Kidd doesn't know what to do about it. Here you have a coach who clearly needs to get acclimated into the position, and for the Nets' sake, it has to happen soon because Paul Pierce and Garnett are getting old-er...

CANDIDATE NO. 3: Pratt University 

On the suface, a 2-3 record to start the season isn't terrible. That argument is not going to defend Pratt University though. The Cannoneers were down 254-106 in the three games they lost, including the 72-43 loss to Sarah Lawrence. In other words, that's a very bad 2-3.


Brooklyn Nets. Pratt lost by similar numbers last season, so shittiness is sort of a precedent. The Knicks are at least close to winning. When you lose by 30 the way Brooklyn did, it means you're not even competing. It's even made worse by how Kanye West blessed New York with his stage presence this week. Picture Yeezus going, "Look at this! How the Nets gonna go to Minnesota and lose by 30 POINTS!? After I graced Barclays with that culture. THIS ART. No team finna disrespect me like that. I'm done with Barclays." Way to go Nets...

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