This probably won't surprise you. In fact, we know it won't surprise you. But when Richie Incognito allegedly used the N-word while leaving a voicemail for teammate Jonathan Martin last spring, it was not the first time he had used the word towards a black NFL player. Far from it.

Earlier today, Warren Sapp did an interview with Dan Patrick and claimed that Incognito once called him the N-word in the middle of a game. Sapp said that he wasn't offended by it and figured that Incognito was only saying it to try and get him to react in a violent manner. But Sapp didn't take the bait.

"C'mon, in a football game?" he told Patrick. "He don't want to fight 'cause the only thing he got to do is call me after the football game. Just come over to the locker room and say it after the game. Now we got a real situation."

As we said, you're probably not real surprised to hear Sapp say this. But it's one more thing that the NFL and the Dolphins are likely going to use against Incognito as they continue their investigation into his alleged harassment of Martin.

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[via The Dan Patrick Show]