If you went to bed at halftime of the Patriots/Broncos game last night, how pissed off are you right now?! No, really, how mad are you about missing the best game of the 2013-14 NFL season? If you're wondering what happened, here's a quick rundown...

At halftime of last night's Sunday Night Football game, Denver was leading New England 24-0. And due to a variety of factors—the windy weather, the Patriots' inability to take care of the ball, Peyton Manning—it didn't look like New England had any chance of making a comeback in the second half. But guess what? They managed to do it anyway. Tom Brady & Co. scored 31 straight points in the second half, and the Patriots were able to pull off a stunning 34-31 win by kicking a field goal at the end of overtime. And if you went to sleep early, you missed it! 

Don't worry, though. You are not alone. At the moment, there are hundreds of other people on Twitter talking about how they went to sleep at halftime and missed the end of the game, too. And most of them are just as shocked as you are to find out that New England somehow came back to win it. So as we continue to try and wrap our heads around exactly what happened last night, we decided to put together a list of the 34 best tweets from people who went to sleep and missed the second half of the Patriots/Broncos game—one tweet for every point that the Patriots scored while they were sleeping. Their reactions to the final score this morning are priceless.

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