Packers cornerback Tramon Williams has some explaining to do. During yesterday's Packers/Lions Thanksgiving Day game, Williams shoved a referee out of his way after Detroit scored a touchdown. And after the game, he tried to explain what happened on the play. But to be honest, his explanation was pretty weak.

"It was a total misunderstanding," he said. "A guy walked right in front of me when I was walking off the field, kind of brushed me, not really paying attention to who it is and I knocked the guy's hand off me. It was an emotional game. It wasn't anything behind it at all."

That's not what it looks like here, though. As you can see in the GIF above, Williams shoves the ref and he does it when the guy is literally standing right in front of him. So there's no way he didn't know he was shoving a ref. Additionally, he doesn't look all that apologetic after he does it. So he should probably expect a call—and a fine—from Roger Goodell any minute now.

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[via USA Today]