Washington High School Running Back Tony Picard Is 6'4", 400 Pounds and Just Really Unfair (Video)

Think back to your high school days, at that age, could you imagine having to tackle 6'4", 400-pound running back Tony Picard? Just thinking about it oughta send a chill down your spine. However, as you can tell in the video, the opposing team combats Picard's size by chopping him down by the legs. If there's any plus for these poor defenders, it's that they will grow to become pretty good tacklers...as long as they don't die before reaching the next level. 

Here's his game log this season, courtesy of Busted Coverage

Nov. 8: 15 carries, 66 yards and a touchdown

Nov. 1: 7 carries, 31 yards and a touchdown

Oct. 25: 15 carries, 71 yards

Oct. 18: 7 carries, 61 yards

Oct. 11: 18 carries, 117 yards and one touchdown

Oct. 4: 8 carries, 52 yards

Sept. 27: 9 carries, 55 yards and two touchdowns

Sept. 21: 9 carries, 60 yards and a touchdown

Sept. 13: 10 carries, 43 yards and two touchdowns

Sept. 6: 6 carries, 20 yards

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[via The Big Lead]

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