If you think fans are insane in person then think about how bonkers they get online. The Internet makes everyone crazier and there's not much worse than getting sucked into the blackhole of internet debate and burning a day arguing with a troll. They whine about everything from video games, to politics, to celebrity beach bodies. So of course the NBA is going to have their share.

You're never going to sell anything to a troll so if someone says something obnoxious online it may be best to ignore rather than taking 10 minutes to create an account (for one comment) and then permanently get your gmail hounded by spam. If ignoring is not an option, then it may be best to make one snide comment and move on instead of giving that troll a day of your life trading barbs back and forth and impressing absolutely nobody. Let a picture do the talking for you. If it says 1,000 words then you'll save a lot of time and effort by posting a photographed message and bailing. In order words, let these do the talking for you. Here's The Perfect GIF and Photo Reponses for NBA Trash Talking.

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