Donovan McNabb used to be a big bully when he played for the Philadelphia Eagles. At least, that's what one of his former teammates said during an interview recently.

Offensive lineman Shawn Andrews, who played alongside McNabb from 2004 to 2009, just spoke with Sync Weekly and revealed that his time in Philly was "a living hell" thanks to McNabb. He claims that McNabb was disrespectful to him on a regular basis and went as far as spreading gay rumors about him. Those rumors caused Andrews to suffer from depression. And at one point in his life, he even thought about committing suicide as a result of the treatment he was receiving from McNabb.

"One time, I had a crazy idea of flipping my car," he told Sync. "I knew I didn't want to kill myself because I wouldn't use a gun. I was a coward in that regard. Because if I flip my vehicle and I'm paralyzed and I live…that's the kind of stuff that went through my head. I was kind of at my wit's end, but I was still afraid to talk to somebody. The very first person I opened up to was a paid psychiatrist. It was hard to do."

Eventually, though, Andrews did it. And he also approached McNabb about the bullying and asked him to stop. But he says that McNabb disregarded his complaint and continued to be disrespectful towards him. It made the entire situation unbearable for him.

"It just felt like I was in a living hell," he said.

McNabb responded to Andrews' accusations earlier today and denied them categorically.

"That is ridiculous," he told the Philadelphia Inquirer. "I don't know what comments you expect to get from me, but that is news to me and completely false. For me to bully anybody, that sounds unbelievable."

Other former Eagles spook to the Inquirer as well and said that they never witnessed McNabb harassing Andrews. But it's clear that Andrews did not feel comfortable in the locker room. And between this and the recent Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin story, it's clear that bullying is a very real issue in NFL locker rooms. So hopefully, stories like these will continue to come out so that bullying in the NFL stops once and for all.

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