Does Rob Gronkowski owe Richie Incognito a favor or something?

For the last week or so, Incognito has been getting picked apart by the media for leaving a racist voice mail on teammate Jonathan Martin's cell phone. But now, it sounds like Gronkowski is going to take some of the heat off of him as a result of the video above. In it, you can see the Patriots tight end having some fun with fans at a party that he held in Foxborough, Mass. during the Cowboys/Saints game on Sunday night. But Gronk takes things a little way too far when an Asian man in a Gronkowski jersey starts dancing in front of him.

"They told me he could only cook fried rice!" Gronkowski yells shortly after the man stops dancing, before referring to him as "Leslie Chow"—Ken Jeong's character in The Hangover—a few seconds later.

Oh, Gronk. A few seconds after that, another man grabs the mic and tells the audience that they signed a waiver that requires them to hand over their cell phone footage from that night. But…yeah. You see how well that worked out, right? Obviously, this isn't a good look for Gronkowski. Expect a half-hearted apology from him any minute now.

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[via TMZ]