We're starting to find out more and more about what may have really happened last week just prior to Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin suffering an "emotional breakdown" and leaving the team.

Last night, Miami suspended one of Martin's fellow offensive linemen Richie Incognito for "conduct detrimental to the team." And the reason they did that is because Incognito reportedly sent a series of threats and racial slurs to Martin via text message in recent months. According to a source close to the situation, Incognito referred to Martin as a "half n-----" in text messages and also threatened members of Martin's family. That has prompted the Dolphins and the NFL to launch a full investigation into the matter and could lead to Incognito getting released by the Dolphins in the future.

We definitely haven't heard the last of this story, so stay tuned for more info. Something tells us that this is only the beginning of what is sure to be an explosive series of details about the bullying that Martin has endured during his time with the Dolphins.

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[via Eye on Football]