Regressing Looks At the NBA Players No One Will Pass To

Regressing Looks At the NBA Players No One Will Pass ToImage via USA TODAY SPORTS

The NBA recently launched its Sports VU site that highlights some interesting and sometimes wonky stats. You'll see which players have the most movement during a game, who's moving the fastest, and you'll even get to see who touches the ball the most and the least in the NBA.

Deadspin looked into the numbers and found the players who who play at least 15 minutes per game with the lowest ratios of touches per minute:

Total Touches
1. Bismack Biyombo: 0.693
2. Robin Lopez: 0.860
3. James Anderson: 0.910 
4. Marcus Thornton: 0.911 
5. Anthony Morrow: 0.923 
6. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope: 0.943
7. Klay Thompson: 0.949
8. Francisco Garcia: 0.973
9. Andre Drummond: 0.982
10. Cartier Martin: 1.048
11. Jodie Meeks: 1.056 
12. Kyle Singler: 1.066 
13. Travis Outlaw: 1.075 
14. Ian Mahinmi: 1.078 
15. Corey Brewer: 1.083 
16. Randy Foye: 1.086 
17. Al-Farouq Aminu: 1.090 
18. Eric Gordon: 1.104 
19. Steven Adams: 1.111 
20. Maurice Harkless: 1.115

Bismack Biyombo came in number one in several researched touch-related stats. He was first in total touches, adjusted touches which separates the rebounding component in touching the ball, as well as adjusted frontcourt touches which is adjusted for offensive rebounds.

Biyombo rarely touches the ball which makes us wonder if he's basically that awkward, lacking talent, player in the pickup game who just runs back and forth without really affecting the game. To be fair, Biyombo is a solid rim protector, but still has a ways to go in his team defense and rebounding. Either way, these are pretty revealing.

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[via Deadspin]

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