It's been said that there can be beauty found in destruction. A lot of the people who do say that can be sadists, but it's a true statement when referring to ankle-breakers. A crossover isn't just a moment of flash, but a true art form in itself. It's a perfect combination of fast-twitch reflexes, intuition, and straight up talent all for the ambition of transcending one's ankle bone out of its place. This is an art form that the masters of the shakes—Allen Iverson, Baron Davis, and others—honed in college. Keep in mind that there are dozens of more teams in the NCAA than in the NBA. That not only means there's a lot more broken ankles; only the best of the best can make it on the Greatest College Basketball Ankle-Breakers of All Time list. It doesn't matter if it's professional or collegiate. Defenders will be broken down. Badly.

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