Metta World Peace spent 0.0 seconds thinking about who would be coaching him in New York when he decided to sign with the Knicks in the offseason. He says that he had absolutely no idea that Mike Woodson was the head coach before he signed his name on the dotted line. Because according to him, it really didn't matter who the coach was. He was coming to New York no matter what.

"I honestly didn't even know who the coach was when I was coming to New York," he told ESPN New York recently. "I just wanted to win a championship; I didn't even know who was coaching. I didn't care. It could have been Aunt Jemima. They could have had the syrup coaching. I was coming here regardless. I just wanted to win a championship."

*insert your own joke here about the Knicks being better off this season if they did have a bottle of syrup coaching them*

Bravo, Metta. We'll make jokes about everyone on the Knicks. But not you. You'll always be awesome to us.

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]