On Monday, Rudy Gay scored 29 points after hoisting up an impressive 37 shots (knocking down only 11 of his attempts) in the Raptors' 110-104 overtime loss to the Houston Rockets. Fast forward to last night's game between the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks where LeBron James needed only 18 shots to eclipse Gay's mark, scoring 39 points. 

After the game, one reporter asked LeBron about a hypothetical situation where he would take the same amount of shots as Gay did on Monday. "You give me 37 shots in a game, I'll have 60, 70," James said. "I had 40 tonight on 18 shots. If I get 37 shots in a game, I'm going to put up 60. Easy." 

OK, look, he's probably not wrong in making that claim because one thing that LeBron doesn't take into account is how many times he goes to the charity stripe in a game. It's a small sample size, but so far this year, James is averaging seven free throw attempts per game on only 16 shots from the field. So, it's conceivable, based on averages, that LeBron would go to the line at least 14 times, no?

In Gay's game earlier this week, he went to the line four times. Four. LeBron is a slasher and would most likely get a ton of calls if he had that 37-shot mindset and let's not bring up the occasional flop to get some additional calls here and there. So, yes, it's very possible Bron Bron would easily score 60-70 points, but there is that little caveat to keep in mind. 

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[via ESPN]