One of these days, Bucks forward Larry Sanders is going to make headlines for doing something good. Today is not that day.

Sanders—who reportedly got into a fight at a club in Milwaukee earlier this month and injured his hand so badly that he needed to have surgery on it—is in the news again right now because of the fact that he was reportedly charged with animal cruelty earlier this year. The Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel is reporting that Sanders was charged back in early January after one of his neighbors called police and told them that Sanders had left his two German Shepherd puppies out in the freezing cold for an extended period of time without any food or water. The neighbor attempted to speak to Sanders about it, but he asked her to get off of his property, which prompted her to call police. They visited Sanders' property, took the two dogs from him, and later charged him with cruelty to animals.

The Bucks refused to comment when the Journal Sentinel reached out to them earlier this week. But if Sanders knows what's good for him, he will say something about this incident in the coming days. Because as several other high-profile athletes have learned in the past—most notably, Michael Vick—people are unforgiving when it comes to animal cruelty. So Sanders better apologize, like, now.

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