As stupid as we think "LaFerrari" is as a name — please let the new Mercedes supercar be called "DerMercedes" — we pay attention when this car does... anything. That's why we noticed that this video of a LaFerrari seems a bit off; the engine doesn't sound like a V12. Rather, it sounds like a V6, with forced induction and the only turbo V6 Ferrari is working on is next year's F1 engine. 

We really hope this is the case, because all of the 2014 F1 engines we've heard so far sound a lot like gigantic R/C cars. It's almost as bad as Formula E, so we're really hoping this sound is more like what we see on track next year. Of course, this might have a road-car exhaust on it, which would certainly modify the exhaust note, so we're not promising anything.

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[via YouTube