Keep It 100: Are the Philadelphia 76ers for Real?

Keep It 100: Are the Philadelphia 76ers for Real?Image via USA TODAY Sports

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We've seen this storyline before. A team starts off hot, defies the odds, but everything will fall into place. After all, no one's concerned about the Miami Heat's 1-2 start, right? And oh yeah, the Sixers have played three games, people! Chill. Out. 

Eventually, NBA experience and proven talent will overshadow this roster consisting of 13 players at age 25 and under. Teams will develop a scouting report on guys, like Michael Carter-WilliamsMuch like John Wall, we're not impressed just yet with MCW. He had two good games.

Holler at us when Philly is battling for that 8th seed in April...2015.   

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