Has J.R. Smith sent out his final tweet?

It's unlikely. But last night, Smith was asked about the Twitter beef that he got into with Brandon Jennings on Wednesday night, and he revealed that he's thinking about quitting the social network once and for all. Since getting into it with Jennings—who sent out a few disrespectful tweets about J.R.'s brother Chris Smith, which prompted the e-beef—Smith has deleted several of the tweets that he wrote about Jennings. And he has also apparently thought long and hard about the future of his Twitter account.

"I'm always getting into trouble with Twitter," he said. "I don't know what it is. I'm trying to shake it. I was more of an Instagram person. I think I might go back to Instagram instead of Twitter."

Say it ain't so, J.R. In the long run, quitting Twitter might actually be in your best interest. But you will definitely be missed if you decide not to continue tweeting. Who else is going to wish us a #greatmorningworld everyday?!

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[via The Knicks Blog]