On Friday night, Grinnell College guard Jack Taylor scored 71 points in a game. And we didn't even bother to mention it. You know why? Because we weren't impressed. After all, when you score 138 points during a game like Taylor did last November, 71 points is nothing. He should have had that by halftime!

Just kidding. Obviously, 71 points is impressive. But what Taylor did yesterday during a game against Crossroads College was even better. He shot 24-for-48 from behind the three-point line and hit 15-of-17 free throws en route to 109—yes, 109!—points. And amazingly, he actually checked out of the game with 5:32 left in the contest, meaning he very well could have broken his NCAA record of 138 points if he really wanted to. But Grinnell won 173-123, so they didn't need him to score anymore points.

Say what you want about the Grinnell offense—it essentially consists of Taylor's teammates getting him the ball and watching him hoist shots—but it's clear that it works and it's clear that Taylor is good enough to drop 100 every game. So as ridiculous as it sounds, they may as well keep riding his hot hand. And if they do, it's only a matter of time before he breaks his 138-point record. Until then, we won't be impressed with anything less than 100. This guy has set a new standard for himself.

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[via USA Today]