J.R. Smith already has been paid half of his $17 million contract with the Knicks, so $60 is an easily expendable amount for the reigning Sixth Man of the Year. What's interesting is how he's set to make at least $17.00006 million.

The guard posted an Instagram picture of a letter enclosed with $60 in cash. The note explains that the very small comeup is courtesy of a Knicks fan who's won $120 thanks to a bet and a pretty mediocre NBA 2K13 player:

P.S. Here's $60. I know my money ain't a thing to you but my friend bet me $120 I couldn't put up more points with you than his Heat on 2K13. Figure I split the pot (double entendre?) since I made you look good. Haha jk. #knickstape #teamink

Gotta love Knicks fans. A pretty obvious place for the fan to spend his half of the pot is NBA 2K14.

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[via teamswish]