We were sad, but unsurprised to see Fisker go under. Between the massive loans, the low sales volume, and the unsettling fact that water seemed to cause them to burst into flames, it was only a matter of time until the whole company collapsed. Collapse it did months ago, and it is finally filing for bankruptcy.

Of course, ever car company's corpse has at least one Dr. Frankenstein who tries to reanimate it. A group called Hybrid Tech Holding emerged out of nowhere to buy Fisker after the bankruptcy, and promises to restart Karma production, because that car carried the whole company so well the first time. We'd love to see Fisker come back to life stronger and with the brain of a Hans Delbrook, rather than an Abby Normal, and be a real competitor to Tesla, but we're not holding our breath, and one hand is on the pitchfork for good measure.

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[via Fisker]