Today's Robin Givens' birthday which presents us this special opportunity to bring you the sports relationships that were, shall we say, less than stellar. We should point out that "infamous," doesn't mean "bad," just that Cupid pointed his arrow towards unsustainable relationships that had as much of a chance as a New York sports team winning a chip this year. 

Let's face it, a lot of times being a WAG is a lose-lose situation. You're assumed to be a gold digger, you're blamed for poor performances, and when the inevitable infidelities begin (and you bolt) the fans get mad at you. There's also no promises that your head won't be used for target practice by drunks at opposing stadiums. It's not all shopping sprees and photo ops. Even when the WAG brings her own fortune she's the topic of radio call-in rants from fans who'd prefer the stars stay chaste and focus entirely on their sport.

We understand the balancing act. Some are models, some are adult actresses, and worst of all some are reality TV stars. Almost without exception, you can see the seeds of divorce budding well before they say "I do." It doesn't make you Nostradamus, it just means that you would've had the foresight to draft a prenup. When you're marriage is being filmed for E! then it's probably not going to make it too many times around the sun. Some have defied the odds and held on. Others got divorced, quickly. Here are the Most Infamous Relationships in Sports WAG History.