Siovaughn Funches isn't finished with Dwyane Wade just yet…

A few months ago—shortly after Funches claimed that she was homeless and living out on the streets—Wade came to an agreement with her that called for him to pay her $5 million in order to finalize their divorce. The thought at the time was that Wade was giving into her monetary demands just to be done with her. But now it seems as though Funches wants Wade to give her more money and to lift a confidentiality clause in their divorce settlement that doesn't allow for her to talk any trash about him now that they're legally separated.

It's unclear how much additional money Funches wants. But she's now saying that she did not agree to the $5 million settlement with Wade and wants to go back to court to get more money. She also reportedly just fired her lawyer and has hired a new one to handle her appeal of the settlement.

At this point, doesn't it feel like Wade should just give Funches whatever she asks for simply so he can move on? This is officially the world's worst—and longest!—break-up and we don't know how much more we can take. So we can only imagine how D-Wade feels right now. Please make it stop.

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[via Black Sports Online]