On Thursday night, Dwight Howard will play his first game against the Lakers since leaving L.A. in July to sign with the Rockets as a free agent. And while he says it's going to be just "another game," the truth is that it's definitely going to be way, way, way more than that for both him and the Lakers.

In fact, with the Rockets in town last night to play the Clippers, reporters in L.A. have already started to have a field day with Howard by asking him a gazillion and one questions about his time with the Lakers and what it feels like to be back. And one of those questions that was asked last night was whether or not Howard still talks to any of his Lakers teammates. Surprisingly, he said that he does keep in touch with them. Well, some of them.

"Me and Jodie [Meeks] and Jordan [Hill] and [Robert] Sacre," he said, "we have a great relationship, so we talk a lot and I'm looking forward to seeing those guys."

Okay. And what about Kobe Bryant? Do you still talk to him, Dwight?

"No," he told reporters, without providing any explanation.

Alrighty then! We can't say we're surprised that Dwight and Kobe don't talk. But yo, Dwight still keeps in touch with Robert Sacre?! We would love to know what those two talk about. Why doesn't somebody ask Howard about that instead of pestering him with all of these other Laker-related questions?

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[via Los Angeles Times]