Good news, MLB fans: You don't need to "#FearTheBeard" anymore.

Boston Red Sox players David Ortiz and Shane Victorino—who both played a big role in the Red Sox' World Series title run over the course of the last month—teamed up with Gillette on Monday to shave their playoff beards off. And they did it for a good cause, too. In exchange for the right to shave both players' beards, Gillette agreed to make a $100,000 donation to The One Fund, which was created to help the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.

"We wanted everyone to know it wasn't just us we were playing for in the world championship," Ortiz said at the ceremonial Gillette Shave Off, which was held at the Gillette World Shaving Headquarters in Boston. "It was the city."

Victorino, who says that it took him six months to grow his beard, also talked about the importance of giving back to the city of Boston after all that the city has been through this year.

"This city has a lot of pride in its athletes," he said, "a lot of pride in the city itself. I will always revert back to that day on April 15 and how this city came together as one to overcome a tragedy like that. You know, blessed for us to be the team that's first to win a championship for this city. I hope the Patriots do the same. I hope the Bruins do the same. I hope the Celtics do the same, and I hope they all follow suit."

For more info about Monday's event, check out Male Standard's coverage of it over here. You can also peep the Gillette site for info on it. We've included some photos of both Ortiz and Victorino in the thumbs gallery above as well as a photo of Boston Police officer Steve Horgan (aka the "Bullpen Cop"), who also received a shave from Gillette. How cool was this whole idea?

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[via Male Standard]