Minivans are actually some of the most utilitarian vehicles on the planet. More interior room than a sedan, more MPGs than an SUV, and in some cases more luxurious amenities. Why do you think moms, who need as much organization and comfort as possible, use them so often? They're practical, simple as that. If it weren't for the goofy and awkward appearances, they probably wouldn't get so much hate. But they are awkward. And they are known as mom cars, and that's really never going to change. 

If you know your cars, you'll know that there are subcultures for just about every auto desire you could imagine. Some of these are acceptable in our book, others are not even in consideration to be in our book. Customized minivans fall in the second of the two. Anything you do to a minivan can, and will be used against you, regardless of whether it might improve the look, simply because, well ... it's still a minivan. Check out this collection of Minivans That Are Trying Too Hard

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