Taste, by definition, is subjective, and people are free to do and say whatever they please. Unfortunately, when it comes to how somebody "designs" their car, hat means they're possibly subjecting others to the undeniably awful decisions they've made. Some like lime green rims, some like three spoilers on a Prius, and some choose to roll gigantic stickers onto their cars, also known as decals. 
Decals come in all shapes and sizes, all sorts of colors, themes, and characters. We prefer clean paint, but there are some that can work with the ride. This collection does not work. Rolling up anywhere with one of these decals should keep you out of any club and dub you a "Scrub" for life, even if your on the driver's side of your very own ride. You can just forget about trying to holla at any girl.
From tricking people with bullet holes in you tailgate to pretending to be a Zebra, these are Corny Decals That Would Ruin Any Car

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