Remember when the Knicks started their season 6-0? That was last year. We're in 2013 and the Knicks are struggling. They're 2-3 after splitting their games against the perpetually struggling Bobcats.

Of course, since they're a New York team, that's not good enough and Carmelo Anthony knows it. Anthony, who's averaging a solid 23.8 points per game, called for a players-only meeting before the Knicks' game against the Bobcats tonight (which New York won, 101-91). The message was pretty straightforward.

We shut the door after the game, talked it out a little bit. Try to figure out what was happening and going on. We just weren’t competing the way we know how to compete. We weren’t playing the way we know how to play. Hopefully the conversation we had after the game [the loss against the Bobcats on Tuesday] made everyone else realize, though it is early, there are things we need to fix and fix now.

We got to want it. We got to want to do it. We got to believe in ourselves right now. We’re playing like we don’t believe in ourselves.

Anthony says he held it as a players-only meeting because he felt like the coaches didn't really have anything to do with the problem. So no Mike Woodson/Anthony scandal to be found here.

The Knicks are going to need a lot of that will to win to make up for their problems at the post. With Tyson Chandler out for at least six weeks with that leg injury and Amar'e Stoudemire being more of a liability than a contributor, Anthony and co. have to toughen up soon. That win against the Bobcats is a start.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]